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The last 30 years of sex education have been shown to have had major positive impact on the welfare of young people—particularly in the areas of child abuse and interpersonal violence prevention and increased appreciation for gender and sexual diversity. Much of that same history, however, has gone unchecked when gauging its impact on students of color, particularly in the areas of racial justice and inequity.

But what does racial justice and equity in a sex education classroom look like?

Check out the Sex Ed Collaborative’s latest Practice Paper, Centering Racial Justice in Sex Education: Strategies for Engaging Professionals and Young People, to learn more!



The Sex Education Collaborative (SEC) brings together leading organizations in the field to provide training and support for those implementing sex education around the country. Together, we created—a one-stop shop for educators and administrators everywhere.

The SEC Training Hub brings together trusted national, regional, and state-based sex education professional training, technical assistance, and policy support for K–12 schools in one place. You can also find an overview of each state’s sex education policies, as well as resources created and endorsed by the SEC.

The Training Hub makes it easy for you to search for professional development trainings by topic, location, or grade level. All trainings map to the Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education (PLSSE), created by the SEC. These Standards were designed to help improve educators’ ability to effectively teach about family life and sexuality with their K–12 students and were informed by the National Sex Education Standards (NSES), which were endorsed by the SEC.

The Training Hub includes both in-person and online professional trainings. During the time of COVID-19, we know the demand for virtual training has greatly increased, and many of our members are quickly adapting to get you the training you need. If you see a training you are interested in and it isn’t listed as virtual, please reach out directly to any of our members to find out what is possible!