SEC Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


The SEC advances and scales K–12 school-based sex education across the U.S. by leveraging its collective leadership, networks, and resources.


The SEC envisions a world in which all young people’s right to comprehensive, high quality sex education is recognized and fulfilled. 


  1. We value young people’s right to receive comprehensive, high quality, school-based sex education in grades K–12 and believe that schools have a responsibility to ensure knowledgeable and trained educators deliver this sex education.
  2. We value comprehensive, high quality sex education that is grounded in equity and social justice and is culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, inclusive, medically accurate, sex positive, and trauma-informed.
  3. We value meaningful collaboration among members and a joint commitment to contribute to the whole and to each other

SEC Goals

  1. Promote and increase support for K-12 school-based sex education that is comprehensive and high quality, and affirms the identities and autonomy of all young people.
  2. Increase the accessibility to high-quality teacher training in alignment with the Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education.
  3. Build, facilitate, and participate in a internal learning community by sharing available educator resources, current research, and best practices that support the field of sex education.
  4. Challenge and dismantle barriers to social and racial justice through sex education by promoting implementation of equity and inclusion in the classroom and school environment and within each SEC member organization.
  5. Support and sustain the Sex Education Collaborative.