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Amplify Youth Health Collective

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General Information

Amplify is a Youth Health Collective advancing youth sexual health and well-being through education, collaboration, and advocacy. Amplify leverages the strengths of young people, partner organizations, and trusted adults to provide and strengthen a network of educational, environmental, and social supports leading to positive adolescent sexual health outcomes.

Amplify is a youth health collective serving as the convening organization for youth sexual health work in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are building a true collective impact framework for our organization to better serve the community. Tulsa has a robust system in place to reach youth. Amplify’s role is to nurture and support that system.

We provide educator training, technical assistance, community outreach, data collection and analysis, and act as a convener for Tulsa’s youth-serving partners to create a strong network of organizations working together to advance youth sexual health in Tulsa. Our vision is to create vibrant communities where youth are informed and have equitable access to sexual health programs and services. 

Services Provided: 
Technical Assistance
Policy Support