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Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential

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General Information

Whether it’s teen pregnancy prevention, physical activity or healthy relationships, in our 20+-year history of working with young people, giving them the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to make good, healthy choices is at the heart of our work.

We know the adolescent years represent a critical stage of development. We also know these years present opportunity for sustained well-being through education and prevention efforts. Adolescents in Georgia need more focus and attention. GCAPP addresses the whole youth and works to bring more focus to their overall health and wellness. 

Our MISSION: Our mission is to improve the overall health and well-being of young people in Georgia to ensure a more powerful future for us all.

Our VISION: We believe all children are entitled to a safe and healthy adolescence characterized by hope, respect and opportunity for a productive future.


  • Comprehensive Sex Ed
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Parent Engagement
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Physical Activity & Nutrition 

GCAPP’s THEORY of CHANGE: With a mission to improve the overall health and well-being of Georgia’s youth to ensure a brighter future for all, GCAPP has designed a clear and proven process to do this through our Formula for Change. This strategy describes the process by which we will most effectively reach our goals and measure our progress, including understanding the current environment we face, where we focus, what evidence-based methods we use, and how we track our results.


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